Katey Love designer and illustrator

Katey Love – owner of Tiny Giraffe

As a mother of two lovely girls I got a lot of joy out of watching my babies explore the world and learn new skills week by week. For both of them, baby rattles were the first toy they developed a fondness for – they were easy to pick up, fun to chew, and very portable! For this reason I’m passionate about bringing you a selection of  baby rattles that are made with care, with your baby’s safety in mind. I’m also concerned about the environment and where the rattles are made, thus endeavouring to bring you products that are from eco-friendly and fair-trade sources.

A little bit about me – I am a graphic designer by trade and live in Hobart, Tasmania. You might also like to visit my website www.mesmerised.com.au which offers my product range of black and white products for newborns – I designed these specifically to nurture newborn eyesight. I love all things to do with baby development, and believe that watching your baby grow and change is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Rattles offer a range of sensory experiences including tactile, audio and visual. My aim is to bring you the best rattles to fulfil all of these experiences. Read through the Rattle Guide for the best type of rattle for each stage of baby’s first year.

Babies first start to grasp objects at around 4 months of age. With their eyesight and motor skills developing they will be eager to explore the world around them. A baby rattle is perfect for nurturing this development and keeping baby entertained.

We are based in Australia but source our rattles from quality companies around the world.